Helping Businesses Succeed With Fix•It Fridays

It is relatively easy for any business today to create an ad on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. What is hard is creating an ad and sales funnel that actually generates leads. All it takes is having one setting wrong that will prevent you from having success. And if you don’t know what you are doing, trying it on your own could cost you more than actually hiring a professional.

I created Fix•It Fridays as my way to give back and help other business owners have greater success with their lead generation, digital advertising, and video marketing. It was also my opportunity to further improve my analytical skills and face my fear of doing live video.

Facing My Fears

I could have played it safe and just continued creating video blogs as I have for the past year but I wanted to push myself as well. For Fix•It Fridays I wanted it to be able to interact with business owners which meant it had to be done live. As much as I had conquered my fear of speaking in public and now love giving live workshops, I was still not comfortable being live on video.

What is Fix•It Fridays?

So twice a month I invite business owners to share their digital marketing campaigns with me and then live on the show, I will explain what they did well and what needs to be changed so they can get better results.

And when I don’t have a campaign to review, I will teach business owners ways they can have better success with their digital marketing, lead generation, video marketing, and follow-up automation.

Fix•It Fridays is also your opportunity to ask me questions about digital marketing. The topics where I have expertise include video marketing, social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, sales funnels and marketing automation.

In this episode of Fix•It Fridays, I had Ezio Pavone, President of Significa Short Sales, talk about the Google ad campaign he was running. He had been boosting posts so I used this episode as an opportunity to compare that with Facebook ads using Facebook’s Ad Manager. I also looked at his sales funnel and offered recommendations on ways he could get better results. You can find all of the episodes on my Facebook page but I also posted this episode on YouTube.

How Can I Watch Fix•It Fridays?

The best way to watch Fix•It Fridays is live on Facebook. If you like my Social Proof page on Facebook, you will get notifications of when I go live. And if you can’t make it live, all of the episodes can be found on my Facebook page as well as on my YouTube channel.

If you have a digital ad campaign, a sales funnel or a video you would like me to review, just send an email to me at and I would be happy to review it for you on a future episode of Fix•It Fridays.

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