Follow-Up Automation

Automation Simplifies Your Lead Generation And Increases Sales

Artificial Intelligence that turns leads into Appointments

Follow-Up Automation Converts More Leads into New Clients

Leads are good. But new clients are better. The key to getting more clients is in your follow up. When someone is searching for a business, they have a problem they are looking to solve. If you wait too long, they might make an appointment with another company.

In addition to delivering leads to businesses, we offer Follow-Up MD, an AI-driven, follow-up automation system that takes care of all of the lead follow-up for you. We turn leads into appointments.

What is Follow-Up MD?

Follow-Up MD, is an follow-up automation system that easily integrates with your existing software and enables instant and automated follow up with leads and past or existing clients. Our follow-up system puts the sales, marketing and administrative functions of your business on autopilot.

We’ll set up instant responses to leads, put automated workflows in place to get more Google reviews, and automate outreach to past customers to promote additional services that your company offers.

Follow-Up Automation

Getting Results Is All In The Follow Up

Are You Following up With Leads in 5 Minutes?

According to a Harvard study, most businesses are taking too long to follow up with leads.

Only 37% of businesses are responding to leads within 1 hour

The study showed that companies that connect with potential customers within 1 hour of receiving a query are nearly 7x more likely to qualify the lead than those that tried to contact the lead just 1 hour later.

100x more likely to connect with lead in first 5 minutes vs. first 30 minutes

We provide a suite of automated follow up solutions that will show leads your business is responsive and ready to answer their questions. With half of leads going to the business who is quickest to respond, proper follow up is half the battle to winning new clients.

What's Included?

With follow-up automation we can follow up with leads and clients using a variety of communication methods including:

  • SMS Text Messages – Automated text messages to confirm appointments, send reminders, and provide links to documents.
  • Email Messages ­– Emails are created to address a range of follow up situations and are sent automatically at specific times.
  • Voicemail Messages – Voicemails are pre-recorded to suit a range of follow up situations and are left automatically.
  • Facebook Messages – Respond to leads that contact your practice through your Facebook Business Page.
  • Outbound Phone Calls –  Connect staff with lead or existing clients automatically.

With all your communication with leads and clients automated, you can focus on what you do best—providing excellent service.

How Can This Be Used?

  • Lead Follow Up – Our special marketing automation platform follow ups on time and automatically
  • Google Review Requests – Capture more Google reviews with automated requests sent to customers
  • Schedule Appointments – Empower clients to schedule online without the need for staff assistance
  • Appointment Reminders – Avoid no-shows and late arrivals with automated reminders
  • Inactive Client Campaigns – Win back inactive clients with an automated email nurturing campaign
  • Upsell Service Campaign – Increase profit with campaigns that help clients discover new or popular services
  • Referral Campaign – Encourage your clients to be your best salespeople with a systematic referral and reward campaign

Why Us?

Social Proof is a performance driven agency that offers custom marketing solutions that achieve strategic golas for our clients.

We are committed to providing value and overdelivering at every step in the process. With follow up automation, we stand behind our work 100%. If we don’t get the results that we’re expected, we will keep working until we do or we refund your money.

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