The Patient Rx Method

Lead Generation & Follow Up Automation for Medical Professionals

An End-to-end Approach for Generating, Converting, and Keeping New Patients

The 360 Degree Solution For Managing Your Practice

Sales happens in the follow-up. In addition to delivering leads to practices, we offer Follow-Up MD to manage the lead follow up, so all you have to do is answer the phone and make appointments.

What is The Patient Rx Method?

The Patient Rx Method is our unique 3-part approach to managing the business side of your practice. With the Patient Rx Method, we establish a consistent flow of new qualified leads, automate timely follow up with patients, and reduce administrative overhead through implementation of smart systems that eliminate repetitive tasks. 

Most digital agencies only address lead generation, but Social Proof is the only agency that covers all three areas to ensure optimal success with marketing, lead nurturing, and management of patient data.

Follow-Up Automation

Leads are nice, but appointments are better

Leads are only valuable if you can convert them into patients

To scale your medical practice, you not only need a constant flow of new leads but you need a system that allows you to convert those leads into new patients.. This not only includes generating leads but also using automation to follow up with leads, existing patients and past patients. By including business automation, you can cut operational costs that allow you to scale without increasing overhead.

What's Included?

We can follow up with leads and patients using a variety of communication methods including:

  • SMS Text Messages – Automated text messages to confirm appointments, send reminders, and provide links to documents.
  • Email Messages ­– Emails are created to address a range of follow up situations and are sent automatically at specific times.
  • Voicemail Messages – Voicemails are pre-recorded to suit a range of follow up situations and are left automatically.
  • Facebook Messages – Respond to leads that contact your practice through your Facebook Business Page.
  • Outbound Phone Calls –  Connect staff with lead or existing patients automatically.

With all your communication with leads and patients automated, you can focus on what you do best—providing excellent patient care.

What Can We Do For You?

  • LeadGenMD – Consistently generate leads on demand and grow your practice month after month

  • FollowUpMD – Win more new patient appointments with quick immediate responses that run on autopilot

  • AutomateMD – Increase profits by eliminating redundancy with automated systems that keep your business running smoothly

Why Us?

Unlike other agencies that only focus on lead generation, Social Proof can support all 3 critical areas for practice growth: lead generation, follow up automation, and business automation.

Most digital agencies that offer lead generation are limited in the ways they market your practice online. At Social Proof, we can leverage all of them, including Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Because we are also video marketers, we can help create and market video to generate leads.

As much as having a list of new leads is great, this is where most digital agencies stop. It’s critical that you follow up with a lead as quickly as possible and it’s the reason why we include FollowUp MD—so that the entire process can be automated. Leads are reached immediately, giving you the best chance at converting that lead to a new patient.

Scaling your practice should never mean losing money. Talk to our team about how we can help you leverage technology to save money and clear the runway for a practice that can grow without the growing pains of outdated systems.

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