Remote Video Testimonials

Professionally Produced Customer Video Testimonials Done Remotely

Remote Patient Testimonials makes it fast, easy and affordable to built trust with new patients

Video is the #1 Way to Build Trust and Grow Your Medical Practice

Sales happens in the follow-up. In addition to delivering leads to practices, we offer Follow-Up MD to manage the lead follow up, so all you have to do is answer the phone and make appointments.

What are Remote Video Testimonials?

Remote Video Testimonials are our proprietary remote video production solution that allows us to interview your patients anywhere in the country, when and where it is convenient for them. In less than 20 minutes we can record a professional quality video testimonial without a patient ever having to step foot in your office.

Follow-Up Automation

People Buy from Those They Know, Like and Trust

Your Past Patients are Your Best Salespeople

Video testimonials turn satisfied patients into your practice’s biggest supporters and, by default, your best salespeople. When prospective patients see that you have highly satisfied past patients who are genuinely thrilled about your work, the likelihood that they will make an appointment increases considerably.

People buy from those they know, like and trust. This is why word-of-mouth is so effective. Video testimonials provide a similar benefit but are even more effective than word-of-mouth because they can be used over and over to influence new leads once they are recorded. Video testimonials put the power of storytelling to work for your practice by allowing patients who have had a great experience to share personal stories that prospective patients can relate to.

What's Included?

Remote Video Testimonials is a turn-key professional production and post-production service without an in-person video crew.

  • Online scheduling platform so patients can choose a date and time that is best for them.
  • FREE Audio & Video Equipment shipped to patient to ensure highest quality image and sound.
  • Professional Interviewer to get best the very best responses from your patients, staff and doctors
  • Professional Editor to turn raw video footage into a compelling story that drives sales
  • Graphics that reinforce branding and provide a call-to-action

How Can This Be Used?

  • Patient Video Testimonials – Build trust with potential patients by sharing the sharing the stories of those patients whose lives you’ve changed the most.

  • Staff Video Testimonials – Showcase your friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff and instill confidence that your practice will provide the excellent care prospective patients seek.

  • Doctor Profile Videos – Introduce yourself and your practice, share your background, and discuss your passion for doing what you do to help a prospective patient get to know you before they ever meet you in person.



Why Us?

Social Proof’s remote video testimonials provide videos that are professional looking, convenient, and affordable. Say goodbye to useless homemade videos or overpriced production crews. Our fast and simple solution is everything you need for excellent quality video to help your practice stand out from other providers.

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