Partnership Program

Help Your Clients While Receiving An Additional Income Stream

We all can’t be experts at everything so why not partner with someone who is. Whenever a client requires a service I don’t offer, I always refer them to one of my strategic partners. If you are looking for ways to help your clients achieve with the goals, I have some unique digital marketing services that may interest you.

It is a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity. 

  • Client WINS because they get access to additional services and better results. 
  • You WIN because you are able to help your client and generate a second income stream.
  • I WIN because it provides an opportunity for me to use my talents to help others. 


To help you evaluate our services, we offer demos and trials so you can experience them first-hand.

Want Better Results From Your Google Ad Campaigns?

When someone searches on Google, they will always click on the content that best matches their search criteria. For example, if someone is searching for laser hair removal near me, the ad they are most likely to click on is the one that indicates laser hair removal near me in the headline.

Most Google search ad campaigns follow a one-to-many approach with one ad and many keywords. The problem with this approach is ad relevance.

It is difficult to create one ad that is relevant for every keywords. Not only does this affect the ad’s ranking on the page, but it affects the cost, and the likelihood that someone will click. 

The One-2-One Method

With the One-2-One Method, we are following a one-to-one approach with one ad and one keyword. Digital agencies tend not to follow this approach because it is too labor intensive and would require too much time and money.

With our One-2-One Method software, hundreds of hours of work take just a few minutes. Our software creates ads optimized for each keyword. Not only does this improve ad relevance but it increases clicks, and drives down cost-per-click.

1-2-1 Method_900px

We are now making our software available for other agencies to use. A cloud-based subscription service is coming soon, but right now, we will generate the required CSV files for you.


If you would like to give it a try, we can do a test with 25 keywords for FREE

Are your Clients Good At Following Up with Leads?

Did you know that after 5 minutes, the odds of qualifying a lead drop by 80% and that 50% of leads go with whoever responds first. If you are helping your clients get leads but they are not following up in a timely matter, they are hurting their chances of closing new business which negatively impacts your efforts.


Follow-up is critical. By integrating automation, you increase the probability that a lead will become a customer. 

With AI-driven Follow-Up MD, you can add follow-up automation to any of your lead generation efforts.

What's Included With Follow-Up MD?

  • Email Messages: Automated emails to confirm appointments, send reminders, or send documents
  • SMS Text Messages: Automated text messages to confirm appointments, send reminders, or send documents
  • Voicemail Messages: Send pre-recorded voicemails messages to provide a more personal touch
  • Call Reminders: Automatic call reminders will schedule and set up calls with staff.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Online forms and Google calendar integration for online appointment scheduling
  • Phone Number: We provide a phone number, so your staff no longer has to use their phone to send texts
  • Website Chatbot: Enhance website connectivity with chatbot functionality
  • Desktop/Mobile App Dashboard: Manage all communications with customers and track sales performance
  • Google Review Management: Dashboard to monitor and respond to Google reviews

Campaigns Included

Each of the following campaigns are customized based on the needs and requirements of your client.

  • Lead Follow Up: Convert leads into appointments with a sequence of emails, text messages, and voicemails
  • Appointment Reminders: Avoid customer no-shows and late arrivals with automated email and text reminders
  • Google Review Requests: Make it easy for customers to provide Google reviews with 1-click text or email requests
  • Inactive Client Campaign: Win back inactive customers with an automated email nurturing campaign
  • Referral Campaign: Encourage customers to give referrals using a referral reward campaign


Leverage video To Improve Outcomes

Our remote video production services offers your clients a fast, easy and affordable way to have professional quality video content. By eliminating the cost and logistics of an in-person video crew, you only pay for what you need. Use a remote video crew to create testimonial videos, FAQ videos, video profiles, video sales letters, video ads, video testimonials, and so much more.

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Testimonial Video

FAQ Video

Remote Video Production Services

  • Remote Professional Video Crew: Using Apple iPhone 7 or newer we can shoot high-quality video remotely
  • Video Kit: To get the best video and audio quality we provide a tripod and microphone for each shoot
  • Video Quality: Record 720P, 1080P, and 4K video formats
  • Online Schedule: Makes it easy for your clients to schedule a shoot when it convenient for them
  • Teleprompter: Ability to display script on-screen, so the client doesn’t have to memorize lines
  • Observers: Up to (4) four people can observe the shoot and communicate with the team while shooting

As a direct to client service, it is easier to structure this as a sliding-scale referral fee.

  • Up to $1,000 per month and receive a 10% referral fee
  • From $1,001 to 2,500 per month and receive a 15% referral fee
  • $2,501 or more per month and receive a 20% referral fee

No-shoot Video

Does your client need a video but doesn’t have the time or budget for in-person or remote video production?  Why not leverage stock photos and video and get a video for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some of the common applications for No-Shoot Video:

  • website video
  • video sales letter
  • a YouTube video ad
  • a FAQ video
  • a “How-To” video

The process is easy. Just provide a script, and we will take care of the rest.

The final video will include  stock images and/or video with text overlays and royalty-free music.

Need a professional voiceover? We can provide that as well for an additional fee.

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Testimonial Video

FAQ Video

No-Shoot Video Includes:

  • Access to Stock Photos and Video Library
  • Text Overlays
  • Royalty-Free Music 

Want to give stock-based video a try? Send me a script up to 75 words long and I will create a stock-based video for you.

If you have any questions about any of the services mentioned, please text or call me at (914) 825-6656 or email me at

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