Partnership Program

A great opportunity to help your clients and yourself

We all can’t be experts at everything so why not partner with someone who is. Whenever a client requires a service I don’t offer, I refer them to one of my strategic partners. If you are looking for ways to help your clients have greater success, I have some unique digital marketing services that may help you.

Want Better Search Results?

Most Google search ad campaigns use a one-to-many approach with one ad and many keywords. The problem with this approach is your ads are less likely to show up on the 1st page of Google.

The One-2-One Method

With the One-2-One Method, one ad for one keyword. As a result, ad relevance increases, clicks increase, and cost-per-click decreases.

Want to see for yourself. Do a test with 25 keywords for FREE.

Are Your Clients Following Up?

Did you know that after 5 minutes, the odds of qualifying a lead drop by 80% and that 50% of leads go with whoever responds first. If you are helping your clients get leads but they are not following up immediately, they are hurting their chances of closing new business. And that negatively impacts your efforts.

With AI-driven Follow-Up MD, you can add follow-up automation to any of lead generation effort and instantly increase the probability that a lead becomes a customer.

  1. Can you client send emails, texts, and voicemails to leads automatically?
  2. Can your client send text messages to leads without using their personal cellphone?
  3. Do your clients know if staff are following up with new leads within 5 minutes?
  4. Can your clients listen to recorded conversations between leads and their staff?
  5. Can your client send automated replies to people who message them on Facebook?
  6. Do you clients have a mobile app to track the performance of their lead generation efforts?

Leverage video To Improve Your Results

Our remote video production services offers your clients a fast, easy and affordable way to have professional quality video content. By eliminating the cost and logistics of an in-person video crew, you only pay for what you need. Use a remote video crew to create testimonial videos, FAQ videos, video profiles, video sales letters, video ads, video testimonials, and so much more.

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Testimonial Video

FAQ Video

No-shoot Video

  • Access to Stock Photos & Video
  • Text Overlays
  • Royalty-Free Music 

Don’t have time or budget for in-person or remote video production?  Why not leverage stock photos and video and get a video for a fraction of the cost. The process is easy. Just provide a script, and we will find the images and/or video, add the text overlays, and add royalty-free music.

Want to give stock-based video a try? Just email a script up to 75 words long and we will create a video for you.