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Pay Per Click 1 to 1 Method

Are You Using The 1-1 method?

The traditional way that everyone does pay-per-click advertising is they create an ad and then target a list of keywords. This way is inefficient and expensive

A better way is using the 1-1 method, our own technique where we target 1 ad to 1 keyword. This way every ad is perfectly optimized for the search keyword.

1-1 Method Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

The reason why no one uses this method is because it is extremely time consuming. Most campaigns we run have well over a 1,000 targeted keywords. To create 1,000 PPC ad campaigns would take someone over 1 month to create if they worked 8 hours a day, every single day. With my software, I am able to do this same work in 15 minutes.

Target More Keywords
Greater Reach
Lower Cost Per Click
Higher Google Ranking

Custom-Made PPC software

No one Is Willing To Do This

With our proprietary software, we can target 1000s of keywords, create unlimited ad versions as the click of a button.

This means we can be extremely targeted with our ads and be able to make changes quickly and easily. This ensures we are getting you the highest quality leads at the lowest possible cost. 

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