Business Automation

Adopt Smart Systems To Save Your Staff Time

Clear The Path To Effectively Scale Your Practice

Leverage Technology To Automate Repetitive Tasks & Reduce Overhead

Sales happens in the follow-up. In addition to delivering leads to practices, we offer Follow-Up MD to manage the lead follow up, so all you have to do is answer the phone and make appointments.

What is Business Automation?

Revenue is important, but what matters most is profit. The less you have to spend on operating costs, the greater your profit margin. With business automation, technology is used to simplify or automate a business activity, so your staff can be more productive and focus on what matters.

If you’re not sure how business automation can help your practice, try this handy exercise. Are you still using Envision how much more efficient your practice would run if front office staff didn’t have to spend time doling out paper patient forms and then entering them into the computer one by one. Or how about processing copayments for each patient? Do you know how much time this task takes over the course of the day? An hour or two maybe? Imagine how would it affect your business if patients had an automated online check-in system where they could fill out the necessary forms and process their own payments and insurance. Could you fit in more appointments with the time saved? Those are the opportunities that Business Automation creates for your practice.

Our Business Automation service includes evaluating your practice’s repetitive and time-consuming tasks and replacing them with automated solutions that keep your business running smoothly. If your staff is using multiple systems to do things like creating patient documents and manage patient information, we can provide efficient solutions that automate those processes.

Follow-Up Automation

Smart Systems Reduce Waste and Help Scaling

Is Your Practice Bleeding Money From Inefficient Processes?

Did you know that after 5 minutes, the odds of qualifying a lead drop by 80%? In fact, 50% of leads go with whoever responds first.

Follow up is the critical first step to making sure you are not leaving money on the table by improper timing of communications.

We provide a suite of automated follow up solutions that will show leads your practice is responsive and ready to answer their questions. With half of leads going to the business who is quickest to respond, proper follow up is half the battle to winning new patients.

What Can We Do For You?

  • Eliminate Double Entry – Ditch time-draining tasks that require double entry with new integrated solutions

  • Create Documents Automatically – Generate patient forms with the touch of a button

  • Connect Multiple Applications – Never suffer application overload again thanks to smart technology that connects systems without the need for developer intervention

Why Us?

We look at a business and identify where automation can be implemented to streamline work processes, reduce redundancies, and increase accuracy and staff productivity.

Rather than force you to adopt to a new expensive product to improve systems, we help businesses be more productive with software and processes they are familiar with. Instead of giving you another product to manage, we work with what you have to help systems talk to each other and integrate with one another.

As a performance driven agency, we’re committed to getting you the results we promise. With business automation or any of the services we offer, we stand behind our work 100%. If we don’t get the results that were expected, we keep working until we do or we refund your money.

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